Let's combine our voices to #MakeRightsReal

Using the human rights to water and sanitation in practice yields results. Share your experiences to show how we can all #MakeRightsReal!

What is the #MakeRightsReal campaign?​​​​​

Review Human Rights Day​ campaign

This Human Rights Day we combined our voices and made our message heard loud and clear: with only 10 years to achieve the SDGs, it’s high time to move from the recognition of water and sanitation as human rights to practical realisation on the ground.

Interactive online talk: Get ready for human rights work!

How have #civilsociety organisations changed so they can work with #HumanRights? Learn from colleagues in India and Kenya in our interactive online talk and share your own experiences or questions. ‘Get ready for human rights work’ will be live on 15 September.

On 30 September 2010, the UN Human Rights Council recognised that the human rights to water and sanitation are part of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. This international treaty is obligatory for 171 countries.

10 years after the human rights to water and sanitation were first recognised, the #MakeRightsReal campaign:

This campaign is not a one-off, it’s an ongoing campaign that started this September 2020. So, it’s not too late to join and joining is simple. Follow the three simple steps explained below or follow the #MakeRightsReal Twitter and Facebook channels and share social media posts from there.

Why a campaign?​​​​

Using the human rights to water and sanitation in practice yields results: Understanding inequalities in the enjoyment of services enables targeted planning to reach equality. With access to information for and participation by service users, their needs can be understood and met. If accountability is part of the service system, it will become more sustainable.

All these are human rights principles and many WASH sector organisations already use them in their working relationships with others – and especially with government institutions who are primarily responsible for realising services for all. This work at local level and by all kinds of actors in the WASH sector currently receives too little recognition and support.

The #MakeRightsReal campaign aims to change that by showing the potential of human rights and demanding more action!​

Join others to show the potential of human rights to #MakeRightsReal!

The campaign started this 30 September and is still ongoing. So, it’s not too late to join and joining is simple. Add your voice to our campaign around Human Rights Day (see above) or follow the three simple steps explained below.

Taking part only takes three simple steps:​

1) Write your story​

Write a social media post about your experience using human rights in your work. Consult the Campaign Guide for inspiration. Download the Campaign Guide below.

2) Add an image​

Add an image to your story to give it more impact. You can use a picture you have taken and combine it with the #MakeRightsReal campaign logo. Or you can just use one of our 12 "ready-to-use" campaign images.​ Download the logo and "ready-to-use" images below.

3) Publish on social media​

Share your story together with the image and the hashtag #MakeRightsReal on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Always use the hashtag, so we can find you and share your post too!​

Download the campaign materials

The Campaign Guide

This 4-page Guide contains everything you need to know to take part this 30 September and beyond:

Inspiration for writing your story plus guidance on how to combine a picture you have with the #MakeRightsReal campaign logo or on how to combine your story with one of the 12 “ready-to-use” campaign images.

The #MakeRightsReal campaign logo

Turn a picture from your own work into a campaign image. Simply download the #MakeRightsReal campaign logo, place it on your picture and add your own logo – done! Please also consult the Campaign Guide for a step by step tutorial on how to use the logo.

"Ready-to-use" campaign images​ for your story

You don’t have a picture you want to use with your story? That’s not a problem! Just download the 12 “ready-to-use” campaign images and choose the one that you feel suits your story. You can add your logo if you like! The “ready-to-use” images are available for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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